Wholistic Well-being at Home resources to help at home

Counseling Lesson Takeaways & Tidbits quick bits and pieces from lessons I teach in the classroom

Fun and helpful resources to have a positive impact on mental health at home: 

  • Let Grow - resources to help your kid grow through independence and confidence building activities

  • Make screentime count this Christmas with Minno! Minno Kids

  • Is your child fearful of getting a vaccine?  Check out this one-page handout I created with coping skills: 

  • Calling all Kids and Tweens: Transform Anger into Positive Action using the Science-Based Techniques in this 19-episode animated series! Check it out here: GoCharge! is here! | GoZen!


Mindfulness! Apps, tricks, and tools to make mindfulness a habit

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Click on the wheel for an interactive version!

Curious about your child's mental health and how to help? (follow the "community resources" page for more access to resources about these topics):

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