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Wholistic Well-being at Home resources to help at home

Counseling Lesson Takeaways & Tidbits quick bits and pieces from lessons I teach in the classroom

Fun and helpful resources to have a positive impact on mental health at home: 

  • Resources to help your kid grow through independence and confidence building activitiesLet Grow

  • The Little Otter Shop has tools that helps to build an early foundation of mental and emotional health for your young child. 

  • Make screen time count this Christmas with Minno! Minno Kids

  • Calling all Kids and Tweens: Transform Anger into Positive Action using the Science-Based Techniques in this 19-episode animated series! Check it out here: GoCharge! is here! | GoZen!

  • Back to School Resources!

    • Mindfulmazing

    • Help with the morning routine: Link

  • The ADHD Homework Survival Guide: Link

  • Pathlight Mood and Anxiety Center: Pathlight Link 

    • Resources for families and teens that answer a variety of mental health questions

  • Mental Health America: Mental Health America Link 

    • Find helpful links to learn more about mental health and how to stay healthy!​

    • Back to School Resources available on this site

  • Is your child fearful of getting a vaccine?  Check out this one-page handout I created with coping skills: 

Curious about your child's mental health and how to help? (follow the "community resources" page for more access to resources about these topics):



Mindfulness! Apps, tricks, and tools to make mindfulness a habit. Click on the images to get started.

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Click on the wheel for an interactive version!

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