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Who We Are

Who We Are

Located in the Maple Leaf neighborhood of Northeast Seattle, St. Catherine School is a family, Christ-centered community, rooted in the Catholic faith and inspired by the Gospel values. With Jesus as our model, we are dedicated to lifelong growth in faith, love and learning. 

We are committed to developing responsible, ethical leaders who think critically, act justly, communicate effectively and serve willingly.

St. Catherine School opened in 1941, just months before the United States entered World War II. Despite the trauma of the times, St. Catherine School found a firm foothold among Catholic families in Seattle’s north end. Sisters of Providence staffed the school for thirty-five years.


In 2018 we received a full six-year term of accreditation by the Western Catholic Education Association.


  • National Catholic Education Association

  • Washington Federation of Independent Schools

  • Western Catholic Educational Association

Schoolwide Learning Expectations

St. Catherine Students are Becoming...

Active Faith-Filled Persons who:
1.     Know the Catholic beliefs & traditions
2.     Live like Jesus
3.     Pray often
4.     Plan and participate in school Masses
5.     Attend weekend Mass

Curious, Engaged Lifelong Learners who:
1.     Learn the necessary facts in all subjects
2.     Practice problem solving and critical thinking
3.     Develop good study habits
4.     Understand how to effectively use technology
5.     Set and work toward goals

Conscientious Global Citizens who:
1.     Treat everyone with respect
2.     Act with compassion
3.     Help those in need through service
4.     Study world issues
5.     Care for the environment

Effective, Respectful Communicators who:
1.     Listen attentively
2.     Resolve conflict thoughtfully
3.     Present ideas clearly
4.     Read critically – respond ethically
5.     Accept helpful criticism positively

Persons of integrity who:
1.     Practice honesty
2.     Act with justice
3.     Make moral and healthy choices
4.     Take responsibility for their actions
5.     Recognize, refuse, and report bullying    

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