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Parent Club

Welcome! As a parent of a St. Catherine School student, you are a member of the St. Catherine

Parent Club.

What​ ​is​ ​Parent​ ​Club?


The Parent Club at St. Catherine School has three main functions: To raise money to support the

school; to sponsor fun events that build a strong St. Catherine community; and to be a

communication link between the teachers/school staff, and the parents.

Currently, Parent Club contributes over $39,000 a year to the school’s general fund to help

bridge the gap between what parents pay for tuition, and the full cost of educating our children.

Parent Club also contributes funds to the teachers in the form of grants, to the school library, and to multi-arts programs. Parent Club’s largest fundraiser is the Jog-a-thon.

Favorite community events include the Back-to School BBQ, Harvest Festival, and the

Father-Daughter Dance. Parents can enjoy an evening out at Irish Pub Night (without the kids). We

invite your to join us for these events and discover your favorite! Other activities include treating

teachers and staff to coffee and lunches on occasion.

Parent Club’s main communication links are through the Room Ambassadors’ e-mail messages, and

the Weekly Newsletter.

How​ ​is​ ​Parent​ ​Club​ ​Organized?


A Parent Club Board, made-up of a president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary and several

committee chairs, keeps the Club running. Please see below for a list of current Board members. Consider volunteering for one of these roles!

How​ ​Can​ ​I​ ​Support​ ​Parent​ ​Club​ ​&​ ​St.​ ​Catherine​ ​School?

  • Ask family & friends to support your child in the Jog-a-thon.

  • Attend and bring family and friends to events like Harvest Festival.

  • Clip and send in Box-Tops. These funds help the school purchase new playground equipment.

  • Sign-up for and make your Amazon purchases through AmazonSmile. The school receive 6% on all your purchases.

  • Donate gently used school uniforms to the Used Uniform Sale.


2022-2023 Parent Club Board

Co-Presidents: Christy Srithongsuk & Caitlin Dill
Co-Treasurers: Siobhan Piechowski & Lisa Brennan
Secretary: Alexis Wood

Committee Chairs

Jog-a-Thon: Lauren Garfield
Pizza Lunch: Jeremy & Priscilla Fellows
Used Uniform Sale: Erica Stewart & Maria Agapova
Hospitality: vacant
Room Ambassadors: Yvonne Hamilton
Teacher Gifts: Lauren McCaffrey


2022-2023 Room Ambassadors


Lions:      Casey Golden

Cubs:      Jana Ellingwood

Tigers:    Maria Finlayson

K:            Katie Brewer

1:            Jess Bratrude

2:            Christine Tubb & George Hsieh

3:            Tanya Smith

4:            Priscilla Fellows & Liz Rudd

5:            Betsy Hill 

6:            Gail Vecchiet

7:            Cheryl Gennaios

8:            Karin Herman & Siobhan Piechowski

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