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School Counselor Updates the inside scoop

2022-23 Middle School Curriculum Maps

Below you will find curriculum maps for our new middle school SEL curriculum from Character Strong. 

St. C’s Parent-Counselor Learning Sessions

A new initiative I am bringing to St. Catherine’s this year is parent-counselor learning sessions, where a topic is discussed under the umbrella of our student’s holistic health and parenting. With mental health concerns on the steep incline and basic mental health support becoming harder to find, the goal is to create a space for learning and sharing. In these meetings, I don’t only desire to teach, but to give the floor to parents in the community to learn from one another. Some possible topics I am thinking of are:

  • Anxious Kiddos and their Families

  • Helping Children in split families

  • Parent-Child Tech Partnership

  • Building Resilient Families

Past Sessions: here you'll find recordings of each presentation, as well as the power points that have resources on them for you to utilize. 

"Building Resiliency in Our Homes"

"What Do You Really Need?"

Stay in the Loop with the Small Group! 

I will periodically change what small groups I am running depending on logistics within the school day, and more importantly, depending on the needs of our students. Check out what groups are running currently:

  • High School Chat Space - all 8th graders, bi-weekly

  • Strenuous Life - 8th Boys, continuous

  • 6th Grade Snack Chats - all 6th graders, bi-monthly

  • 5th Girls Social Club - weekly

  • PreK Party - monthly, (or whenever capable), PreK variety

  • 5th Guys Who Care - monthly 

Newsletter Archive
My simple way of keeping in touch and writing about some of my observations as a counselor. Hope you enjoy!

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