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School Counselor Updates 

Social-Emotional Learning at St. Catherine's School

I teach for 45 minutes weekly in each grade K-8 using the Character Strong curriculum. In the elementary grades, I use its K-5 curriculum, Purposefull People. The curriculum's bedrock is ten character traits. On the right, you'll see some of the skills taught: 

Kindness (first 2 weeks)

Respect (Month 1) 

Responsibility (Month 2) 

Gratitude (Month 3) 

Empathy (Month 4) 

Perseverance (Month 5) 

Honesty (Month 6) 

Cooperation (Month 7) 

Courage (Month 8) 

Creativity (Month 9) 


2023-24 Middle School Curriculum Maps

Below you will find the Character Strong curriculum maps for middle school. 

Roots of Empathy 

In first grade this year, I will be piloting the Roots of Empathy program. Roots of Empathy is a unique SEL program that employs a real baby and caregiver. Students watch baby grow and reach various milestones, all while observing how the caregiver meets baby's many needs, picking up on baby's non-verbal cues when baby has a problem. Kids demonstrate consistent growth in empathy and perspective-taking through the program. I have taught it for six years, and I am excited to bring it to St. Catherine's. 

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