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First Grade

First Grade is the year to fall in love with learning. Our kids learn by doing, creating, and collaborating. We understand the importance of movement and imagination while making sure students have a structured and predictable learning environment. First graders learn to build relationships and embrace their mistakes. Watch us grow!

Learning Highlights
  • First Graders team with 5th graders for fun activities and friendship in our Reading Buddy Program.

  • Students use technology daily to develop typing skills, create presentations, videos, research, and play.

  • Service learning comes alive for first graders in their relationship with residents of Northgate Plaza. 

  • 1st graders integrate all subjects to write and perform how to’s, create a weather report video, and build a city out of 3D shapes!

Curriculum Overview


  • In first grade students review the basics of letter sounds and then grow to read and comprehend small chapter books.

  • In small groups students have access to individualized reading instruction at their level. Students participate in book clubs to discuss and make meaning from stories. 

  • Our learning specialist, Kathy Cox pulls certain first graders every day to reinforce instruction. 


  • In first grade students develop strategies to add and subtract fluently. They use manipulatives (number lines, cubes, counters, ten frames, base ten blocks, etc) to build a broad understanding of mathematics. 

  • Students also learn to measure objects with cubes, rulers, and yardsticks. They create a life size poster of themselves and measure their limbs!

Social Studies

  • In social studies we learn about being a responsible citizen. How to follow rules, laws, and how to be respectful and persevere when work gets hard.

  • Students study holidays from around the world

  • Students analyze photos, books, paintings, and artifacts to learn about life long ago

  • Students learn community economics by earning and spending money in the classroom.


  • First grade uses the Foss Science Kits to make science “hands on”.

  • Students study air and weather by building balloon rockets, kites, parachutes, wind vanes, and thermometers. 

  • First graders learn about plants by growing and caring for their own in the classroom. We visit the Seattle Arboretum to study the variety of plants that grow there. 


  • First graders grow in their faith by learning and recreating parables from the bible and practicing prayers and special intentions.

  • First graders are responsible for planning and participating in one all school mass. They read the gospel, sing the hymns from up on the altar, and write the special intentions. 


  • Music twice a week

  • PE twice a week

  • Art once a week

  • Library once a week

  • Social emotional learning with our school counselor

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