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Fourth Grade

Grade 4 is a vitally important grade as students progress in their learning. Students will begin to learn, and enhance, their skills in key areas that will be pertinent to their education in the coming grades. We promote a positive and encouraging environment where students can feel free to express themselves and ask questions. We strongly believe in the power of yet, and have the class mission statement: “you can do hard things.”

Learning Highlights
  • 4th grade students are able to participate in a monthly optional book club where they are encouraged to read the assigned novel for the month and meet to talk with teacher and peers about their thoughts about the characters, theme, and author. 

  • Students will begin to keep a diary/journal as a way to practice their writing skills, explore their thoughts, and have a token to reflect on at the end of the year about events that happened in 4th grade.

  • 4th graders will learn more about Washington state, as well as our Federal Government and the basics of how it functions.

  • As part of our science unit, we learn more about the human body, and how to keep it healthy and in proper working order.

Curriculum Overview


  • Informative/ Explanatory/ Narratives/Opinion essays 

  • Book Clubs (Shiloh, Shoeshine Girl/How to Steal a Dog/Because of Winn-Dixie, Streams to the River, River to the Sea, Castle in the Attic, Holes [time permitting]


  • Multiplication facts

  • Place value

  • Adding/Subtracting multi-digit numbers

  • Multiplication/division patterns

  • Fractions

  • Decimals

  • Perimeter/area

  • Geometry

  • Measurement

Social Studies

  • States/Capitols

  • WA State history/Geography

  • Election/Government (State & Federal)

  • Explorers/Fur Trade (along with Streams to the River, River to the Sea)

  • Working in Washington


  • Earth’s Systems and how we impact them

  • Energy

  • Structures of Life (Human Body)


  • How are we able to grow in Christ?

  • How can we prep for the coming of the Lord?

  • How can we celebrate Jesus?

  • Saints

  • Commandments

  • Celebrate & Remember the Resurrection

  • How are we called to Holiness?


  • Music twice a week

  • PE twice a week

  • Art once a week

  • Library once a week

  • Social emotional learning with our school counselor

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