Middle School Electives

St. Catherine School offers an array of electives for our sixth, seventh and eighth grade students. Courses include:


Taught by the skilled and experienced instructors from Coding for Kids, this course is offered twice each week, during which students will learn how to program using two different technologies:

  • Web development using HTML, CSS and Javascript: with a focus on how to create

    websites and program online games.

  • Python - professional object oriented language, used among other things for graphing

    of mathematical functions, data processing, and algorithms.

    Instructors will coordinate with St. Catherine teachers to align the coding class content with the content of their math and science classes. Because we will be hiring outside instructors for this course, there is an additional fee of $266 per trimester ($22 per week). Once registered, families will be invoiced and can pay via check or through their FACTS account. Note: The course is designed to be a year long class and it is recommended that students who enroll in the rst trimester continue on in the second and third trimesters.


Computer Skills and Applications

A course designed to help students master basic skills in the areas of keyboarding,
word processing, spreadsheet use, presentation skills, and e ective use of technology. Students will also learn about the hallmarks of responsible digital citizenship and the role technology plays in our global society.


DIY Extravaganza

It’s a Pinterest-palooza! This class will offer the self-motivated crafter a venue to explore a variety of “do-it-yourself” projects culminating in a craft fair. Note: A nominal supply fee may apply depending on projects selected.


Drama is an introduction to theatre arts. The Drama elective will include theatre games as well as individual and ensemble performances that focus on character creation. The goal of the drama elective is to build con dence as well as acting skills, theatre vocabulary, stage presence, and vocal projection and articulation. The course will be instructed by St. Catherine parent and theater major, John Flaa.

Middle School Leadership

Leadership is a course that focuses on providing experiences that help students build character and leadership skills by working collaboratively and planning and organizing various activities. Students are responsible for planning numerous assemblies and school- wide events throughout the trimester. It is a fast paced and fun opportunity to learn and apply speaking and presentation skills, as well as script writing. The course is limited to 7th and 8th grade students only.

Multicultural Cooking

This elective will focus on taking whole, at times unfamiliar, foods and creating delicious dishes. We will sample the cuisines of a variety of cultures around the world. Depending upon the complexity of preparation of ingredients and cooking time, we may eat our creation during the second cooking session of the week (two consecutive days). Health and safety in the kitchen will be stressed and class size will be limited due to space and task constraints.

School Newspaper

In this class, you will keep St. Catherine School informed with school news, events and entertainment. While working as part of the investigative team students will produce a regular news program that will be broadcast to the entire school.

Service into Action

This course will provide students with opportunities to make a di erence within our community. Students will initiate, plan, and perform community service projects throughout the trimester for organizations such as St. Vincent de Paul, Catholic Relief Services, and Westside Baby.

Team Sports

This course will emphasize sports and activities that are team oriented, such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, etc. It will also focus on building interpersonal communication skills and cooperation among team members.


This course will allow students to develop their skills in photography all while creating the school annual / yearbook. Depending on the publication method chosen, there will be some “scrapbooking” type of creativity used even if the book is entirely digital (i.e. clipart, google images, etc.). Students will also need to request jpeg images from parents in order to make sure all events are represented in the annual.


The purpose of this course is to promote a lifelong love of exercise and mindfulness. In this class, students will learn poses and postures which are designed to develop exibility, strength, balance, and body awareness.
*Students will need to bring their own yoga mat to class each week.