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Tiger Spotlight

Rayden, Class of 2015

Bishop Blanchet student

My time at St. Catherine School was instrumental to my sustained success in high school. I entered Bishop Blanchet and performed at a high level from day 1; I have not had to slow down yet! Specifically, my foundational classes of English and Math at St. Catherine created an easy transition into high school. This ease of transition has translated into taking AP classes as well as participating in varsity sports (volleyball and lacrosse). The top notch teachers and supportive community - both of which St. Catherine is known for - put me in a position for future success.

Holden, Class of 2013

Gonzaga student

I have to say that the two most important things I learned at St. Catherine that helped me through high school and into college are learning how to write for school assignments and building the skills to manage personal relationships. I learned a great deal at St. Catherine about how to write papers really well. We worked at it and worked at it and I realize now that it gave me a great foundation. Having the same kids in your classes every year can get hard. Learning how to spend so much time with the same people -- like a family -- is something that I needed at O’Dea since it too is a small school. St. Catherine gave me the opportunity to learn interpersonal skills in a safe and supportive way.

Sam, Class of 2015

O'Dea student

The thing I remember most about St. Catherine was learning to love science. We didn’t just talk about science -- we did actual science experiments a lot. And I’ve continued my love of science and technology ever since. It was easy to move into high school science, with classes like biology and chemistry and robotics, because of everything I learned at St. Catherine. And the teachers there really seemed to excited about it, so it made me excited.

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