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Tiger Spotlight

Ana Z. St. Catherine Class of 2017

St. Catherine School Celebrates Ana's Achievements

Congratulations, Ana!

Ana has just finished her third year at USD, double majoring in marine ecology and Spanish. She enjoys scuba diving, club soccer, and beach days in San Diego with her friends. Ana has just completed a marine research project in Panama. Congratulations, Ana. STC is proud of you.

Keep up the great work, and continue to make us proud with your incredible achievements.

Once a Tiger, Always a Tiger!




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Kayla R. St Catherine Class of 2016

St. Catherine School Celebrates Kayla's Achievements

St. Catherine School is proud to announce that Kayla has recently graduated from Cal Poly with a degree in Environmental Engineering. We are incredibly proud of her accomplishments and wish her continued success in her future endeavors.

Once a Tiger, Always a Tiger!

Sam, Class of 2015

O'Dea student

The thing I remember most about St. Catherine was learning to love science. We didn’t just talk about science -- we did actual science experiments a lot. And I’ve continued my love of science and technology ever since. It was easy to move into high school science, with classes like biology and chemistry and robotics, because of everything I learned at St. Catherine. And the teachers there really seemed to excited about it, so it made me excited.

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