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Volunteer Requirements

St. Catherine School requires that each K-8 family provide 40 service hours (20 hours for single parent families) to the school in order to contain the costs while strengthening the sense of school community by involving parents in the life of the school.  5 of the total 40 hours are required to be given to the annual auction. 

Recording Volunteer Hours

Each family must track their service hours and report them to the school office by May 17th, 2024.  In the event the service hours are not fulfilled, each family is responsible for the unfulfilled portion of the hours at a rate of $25/hour, which will be charged via FACTS.


Each family will receive a volunteer hours reporting form to complete and return to the school office. 

Volunteer Hours Reporting Form - 2023-2024 School Year

Safe Environment Program

The Archdiocese of Seattle requires all school volunteers to take part in the Safe Environment program in three ways, through VIRTUS. In order to be a Safe Environment approved volunteer you need to fully complete the following before volunteering: 

If you have any questions about the Safe Environment Program or the requirements, please contact Charlotte Van Hollebeke at

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