Community Mental Health Resources

Professional Help

Therapy is for everyone. You don't need a formal diagnosis, a mental health crisis, or a traumatic experience to seek help for you or your kiddo(s). The simple act of talking to a nonjudgmental third party is cathartic in itself. Here are some lists to get you started. And don't forget that spiritual guidance is a wonderful outlet as well. Reach out to your parish for resources of that nature. 

*COVID has pushed many mental health professionals to capacity, but it is still worth reaching out, gaining knowledge, and getting on waitlists.  

Click here for the  King County Resources for Mental Well-being

Centers, Organizations, and non-therapy Resources

Maybe you don't feel that your child would benefit from therapy at this time, but still want a positive and helpful resource that focuses on overall wellbeing. Here is where you can find some of those: 

To Build Resiliency and Emotional Intelligence

Positive Parenting: 


                Bridges is a grief support center serving families with children ages 4 through 18 who have experienced the death of a parent, sibling, relative or friend. Through Mary Bridge. 

Suicide Prevention and Intervention: