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Scrip is Parent Club’s largest fund raiser.  As a non-profit entity, St. Catherine’s Parent Club is able to purchase gift cards and certificates to most major retailers, grocery stores, gas stations, and restaurants at a discount.  We then sell them to our school and parish community at face value.  The cards we purchase are essentially the same as if you purchased them directly from the retailer.


For the 2017-18 school year K-8 families are required to purchase $1,000 of scrip. If you prefer not to participate in the scrip program, you can buy-out of your scrip obligation for $150.


The Shop with Scrip program allows you to reload a card you already have.  If you place reload orders and pay with PrestoPay™, generally, orders placed before 3 pm Eastern Time will be activated by the next business day.  In order to reload, you must use a gift card that was purchased through St. Catherine’s scrip program. Reloads can be processed for almost any denomination, so you can choose how much and how often to reload! Many of the major retailers offer a reload option and more are joining everyday!
Do you shop at Amazon, Land’s End, Home Depot or the Gap?  Unexpected shopping you wish you could have done with scrip?  No problem. With ScripNow! you can easily and quickly order and download eCards from a growing number of retailers, and benefit your school. Each one is also available to be sent to a friend or loved one as an eGift. ScripNow! can be delivered and used in minutes simply by using PrestoPay. More retailers are being added all the time!


A convenient way for your family to pay for your scrip purchases online at the time you place your order.  Your checking account will automatically be debited for the face value amount of your order, plus a small convenience fee of $0.15.  In order to take advantage of the on-line scrip ordering options described above, it is a requirement for families to sign up and pay using PrestoPay – payment by check is NOT an option. There is a separate process to sign up for PrestoPay after you have created an account on Shop with It does take a few days to activate your presto pay account, so be sure to sign up before you need it!

Getting Started

You must create an account on AND sign up for PrestoPay. Go to and look for the “Family Sign Up!” box on the left hand side of the screen and click on “create account”. St. Catherine’s Enrollment Code is: 9DCL38BC87L. When you sign up for PrestoPay, you will be given an “approval code”, which you must provide to the school’s scrip coordinator in order to complete your enrollment. Please send your code to Chelsey Samonte at: A user guide with detailed instructions for signing up and using Shop with Scrip is available here.

Please contact Chelsey Samonte at: or 206-919-4427 with any questions! It does take a couple of days to fully activate your account, so be sure to sign up before you need it!

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