Learning Specialist

Curriculum and Instruction

The literacy room curriculum will follow the curriculum maps of homeroom classrooms, but will use resources and differentiated instructional strategies specifically designed to meet the individual learning needs of the students. Students in grades 1 and 2 will be following the Super Kids reading program, with additional support using Explode the Code (phonics reinforcement) and daily fluency passages. Students in grades 3-5 will follow the C.I.A. approach to reading novels by Reading Side-by-Side by Sarah Collinge. These units of study expose students to longer, more complex texts through instructional read-aloud modeling. Students will be exposed to a variety of genres while being explicitly taught skills aligned with the Common Core State Standards. In addition we will use other resources including Reading A-Z fluency materials, as well as online and other supplemental articles/texts.

Homework and Assignments for Literacy Room Students

Students in grades 1-5 should read their leveled reader/passage for 5 minutes each night Monday-Thursday. On Friday I will listen to them read for fluency. Homework for grades 3-5 will be posted on their grade level homework grid. Occasionally it will differ from their class and will be indicated so in their planners. Students in grades 1-2 should complete 2 assigned pages in Explode the Code Monday-Thursday.

Students in grades 1 and 2: Please remember to bring your binders back to school M-Th :).

Reading Apps for Your Phone or Tablet

Brain Training and Mindfulness
Lumosity -- Brain Games
CogMed - Working Memory Training

General Reading
Tikatok StorySpark -- Your child writes, illustrates and publishes their own stories
Bookster -- Your child reads their literary favs narrated by kids and records their own narration
Tales2Go -- stream online, unlimited access to more than 1,000 stories
A Story Before Bed -- more than 300 interactive read-along stories
MeeGenious -- audio playback of books to keep your bookworm engaged
Sight Word Flip It -- offers an effective and engaging way for kids to learn high frequency sight words

K-2 Mobile School Reading -- Kaeden Books - reading recovery, early literacy, learning to read, educational publisher,leveled books, Response to Intervention, Title I 

Jumpstart Pet Rescue -- fundamental reading skills
Madagascar:My ABC -- master your ABCs
Jumpstart Jet Pack -- reading and math basics ages 5-9
Preschool Magic of Learning -- pre-reading and critical thinking

1st/2nd Grade
Jumpstart Jet Pack -- reading and math basics ages 5-9

3rd/4th/5th Grade
Jungle Journey -- interactive board game practicing higher order comprehension skills linked to the CCSS

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